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New Study: Closing the Document Management Awareness Gap

Many organizations face challenges when it comes to developing and maintaining secure, efficient document management processes. Staff members are often working with multiple versions of a document without clear information handling processes that help keep confidential information protected. In addition, as the remote work culture continues to grow, many employees are using a wide variety of file management tools without making use of a single unified and comprehensive solution.

At the same time, information security remains a vital concern when it comes to document management. Organizations need to work to find ways to ensure that sensitive information is kept secure, especially as more and more companies adopt bring your own device (BYOD) policies. Decision makers and IT managers need to work together to find document management processes that create an effective workflow that is both efficient and secure. In order to do this, it’s vital for companies to access their organization’s document management needs and capabilities in order to discover the gaps and find effective solutions.


Data Study Aims to Find Out More


Accusoft recently conducted online surveys of more than 100 U.S. IT managers and 250 full-time employees to discover what document management challenges organizations face and how they work to address these needs. The data collected offered some important insight into areas that organizations need to improve on regarding their document management processes and the consequences of using an inefficient system when it comes to both security and employee workflow. This data was compiled, along with these important conclusions, in the newly released data study, “Closing the Document Management Awareness Gap.”


Key Findings from the Study



The study uncovered some interesting data that gives us a better idea of where gaps exist in the document management processes of many companies and IT departments. Perhaps one of the most important findings was that having a formal document management solution in place correlates with both better document security and governance as well as employee flexibility. In fact, employees with access to content management tools are more likely (44 percent) to collaborate with at least three other teams, as compared to their counterparts (29 percent).

This finding suggests that security and flexibility do not have to be mutually exclusive. Organizations need to adopt document management platforms that allow for a balance between both security and accessibility in order to effectively streamline their document management processes.


Want to Learn More?


The full data study also explores:

  • Document management tools and policies currently in place by organizations
  • How document security and employee workflow are intertwined
  • Employees daily routines and habits when accessing and managing documents
  • Benefits of document management solutions

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