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Partners in Time: Outback and Accusoft Break Two Decades

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The year was 1996. Dot-com was booming, Y2K loomed on the horizon, and Australia-based Outback Imaging needed adaptable software development toolkits (SDKs) to prototype a desktop imaging application capable of pushing scanned documents into popular EDRM systems without the need for manual import tools. They also needed a custom-built TWAIN UI to unify the customer experience without locking them into specific scanner brands.

In what one can only imagine was a montage of classic search engine queries, the company sourced three likely candidates. Within six months, they found their front runner was Accusoft, and the partnership began.

In 2003, they rolled out their first commercial product, EzeScan. Today, the product does more than just document imaging — EzeScan now offers server-based automated task processing and browser-based document workflow and approval capable through Robotic Task Automation (RTA) 24/7/365 with no human intervention.

With B2B churn rates rising, Medium notes that “regardless of industry, customer retention is often many leaders’ main strategic objective given today’s highly competitive landscape.” What’s the secret to Accusoft and EzeScan’s ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship?

Thankfully, the answer isn’t a vague, inspirational quote. In fact, it’s possible to debrief this age-defying agreement with three key characteristics including scalability, simplicity, and support.

Document Imaging at Scale

For EzeScan to evolve from a digital imaging application to a document transformation powerhouse, Outback needed toolkits that operate seamlessly within a Microsoft IDE, enables easy deployment on Windows, and includes superior code examples and documentation.

After four months of building three prototypes, Outback selected Accusoft SDKs to help jumpstart EzeScan R&D and embrace the need for digital transformation at scale. Today, the company leverages Accusoft’s TWAIN, ISIS, and PDF tools along with their OCR, MICR, and ICR search engines to drive continual evolution in their application.

Avoiding Technical Debt

Outback now supplies software solutions to a global network of customers, enabling them to both “go digital” and leverage their digital information in a more meaningful way. But developing this worldwide reputation for quality components and actionable results required an SDK foundation that was easy to implement and simple to use.

Accusoft offered the ideal solution to their problem. Toolkits that are customizable, incredibly simple to integrate, and work as expected. For Outback, this meant the ability to easily test and maintain new code without worrying about technical debt building up behind the design team as they innovate.

You Need It? You Got It

As noted by the Harvard Business Review, responsiveness plays a critical role in the strength and stability of B2B relationships. Without ongoing, committed support for software and toolkits organizations often have no choice but to shift suppliers or run the risk of losing what they’ve built.

Support is an integral component of the Accusoft and Outback’s relationship. While problems rarely occur, when they do, these issues are prioritized and quickly remediated. The result? Both businesses come out ahead. B2B relationships rely on scalability, simplicity and support to stay afloat. Now in its 23rd year, the Outback and Accusoft partnership has never been stronger.