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Passenger Creates Improved Community Platform With PrizmDoc


In today’s world, brands must focus on their consumers’ experience in order to retain business. While some companies hire market researchers to go out and collect data, Passenger recognized the need for a simpler, more cost-efficient way to gain insight.

The company created Fuel Cycle, an online community platform to help the world’s leading brands engage with current and future customers and stakeholders. The platform allows users to comment on content to give the company better insight on consumers’ needs and desires.

Between 2013 and 2014, Fuel Cycle was in transition. The platform needed a document solution that would enable users to upload and share files within their private communities. They knew their customers would benefit from viewing the documents directly in the platform, since each private community had between five and 50,000 members that needed to be able to give feedback on a variety of different files.

Fuel Cycle Challenges

The Chief Product Officer, VP of Engineering, and Lead Architect set out to find an overarching solution that would meet the needs of their vast community base.

After doing some research into several solutions, the company decided on Accusoft’s PrizmDoc cloud-hosted file viewer due to its file versatility and overall scalability.

“We looked at some self-hosted Java libraries, and also hosting through Google Docs. Nothing was quite right. We went with PrizmDoc’s cloud solution. That way, we don’t have to worry about software updates,” confirmed Kevin Owens, Chief Product Officer.

Accusoft’s Solutions

Within the Fuel Cycle community, brands receive feedback on specific content. For example, brand moderators will upload files in the form of PDFs or Word documents. Community members will comment on these files to share their opinions on the product, advertisement, or promotion. “We use PrizmDoc to actually display all the documents in the system. It works on mobile as well,” says Owens.

Fuel Cycle’s biggest priorities are global scalability and added customer support. With a wide range of clients, a variety of files are shared within the community. PrizmDoc helps the platform reach these clients by providing a document viewer with a wide range of file format functionality.

The Community Grows With PrizmDoc

In the past year, Fuel Cycle used PrizmDoc to enhance their document sharing capabilities, which boosted their customer base. The company relies on PrizmDoc to provide Fortune 500 clients like Mastercard, Hertz, and AIG with the solutions that enable the community to flourish.

Now that Fuel Cycle is using PrizmDoc, the company has grown exponentially, since the document viewer was the solution to many customer requests. The company finds peace of mind in the lack of worry and development time that came with their investment in PrizmDoc. Currently, the company is operating at a Business Elite annual level of 6,000 document uploads per month.

To learn more, download the full case study.