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Prizm Content Connect is Upgraded with Annotation Layering

Organizing annotations in a document can get messy, especially when there is more than one person commenting. Multiple sets of annotations can clutter your document, slowing down your workflow and making document editing cumbersome. With the newest release of Prizm Content Connect, we provide you with the perfect solution: Annotation Layering.

With annotation layering, you will be able to more easily manage annotations from multiple reviewers. You can assign permissions to view annotations, and each set of annotations will be on a separate layer, allowing you to focus on annotations one set at a time or all at once. This new feature makes viewing and managing annotations easier for both you and your reviewers.

Along with this great new addition, the 10.3 release update will include product enhancements to help streamline your workflow.

Tired of converting multi-page documents into single page TIFFs? With our newest release, you can now convert your full, multi-page content as a single file in various formats including: CAD, HTML, EML, MSG, OFFICE, PDF or TIFF. This feature update will save you time and simplify the way you send and receive multi-page content.

Other upgrades in this release include improvements in text fields and template design make adding signature lines and dates to your documents easier than ever, as well as an upgrade to our API to allow serialization and deseralization of annotation objects. Want a better way to navigate your documents? Enjoy improved navigation through your document while viewing in HTML5 with internal document links.

Each of these enhancements was made with you in mind, to help simplify the way you manage your content. Try out the newest version of Prizm Content Connect today.