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Prizm Content Connect: Now Featuring Enhanced eDiscovery and Redaction Tools

With new enhancements for eDiscovery and redaction, our flagship product Prizm Content Connect is the best solution on the market for document security and collaboration.

Our current PCC customers are already using this tremendous software to help simplify their document workflow and streamline business processes. The current features have enabled users to control their documents with DRM, collaborate effectively with annotation support, document signing, and so much more.

The new redaction options within PCC enable businesses to be more productive. And the legal, financial, and banking industries will benefit greatly from these new features.

One of these features is the ability to search and bulk redact terms or information. No longer will law firms have to go through thousands of hundred-page documents and redact sensitive information over and over again. Instead of manually finding each Social Security number, users can now simply search for the number, and with the click of a button, have all of them automatically redacted. Financial and banking industry professionals can spend more time reviewing and annotating insurance claims or credit applications, instead of filing through them to redact private information manually.

To ensure that the correct information is redacted, the new semi-transparent redaction was added. This enables users to review their redactions before they are finalized. This feature works in both viewing and printing, so that all redactions can be checked before they are burned into a new PDF. Banking executives no longer have to worry about private information from mortgage applications being released or sensitive information from loans getting into the wrong hands. And the legal industry can rest assured that their clients private information will be accurately redacted when it needs to be.

In addition to these two fantastic features, a new comment feature was also added. Users can include a specific reason behind each redaction, instead of a pre-defined option which empowers them to know exactly why certain text was redacted, instead of having to pause their work and reach out for an explanation.

Paralegals can inform their case lawyers of their reasoning behind a redaction, being as specific as they have to be to help keep the lawyers informed. And financial employees can also keep their superiors informed on why some information was hidden in a loan application.

Simplifying and streamlining workflow has been greatly improved with Prizm Content Connect’s new redaction features. Help make your company more efficient and evaluate Prizm Content Connect today!