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Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes

As was mentioned in a short blog back in March, a team of designers, developers, and marketers here at Accusoft has been hard at work creating a brand new version of Accusoft’s corporate website. After a great deal of working to provide better solutions to site navigation, content organization, SEO concerns, design aesthetic relating to our recent brand shift and more, we’ve launched the site internally.

This gives our employees time to use the new site and provide feedback on usability, corrections, and additional ideas for what else we can do to make the site a better tool for our customers and us. The new site has many improvements over our past sites, but one big plus for the new site is the agility we will have on being able to make changes and pivot in response to how our customers use the site.

We plan to release the site externally next week, and you are sure to spot some big changes in its visual design and information architecture. Here are a few things you’ll notice:

New Navigation

It’s no secret to us that navigating our wide array of products is… complex. As Accusoft has grown and acquired and developed new products, our site structure has grown as well. This hasn’t always made it easy for new visitors (or even frequent fliers) to find their way around. With the new site, we’ve made it easier to get to the product you need by giving you more direct routes to the core product information. The site menu system is also complemented by an improved search functionality.

Strong Focus on the Product and Its Support

Early on in this redesign process, maintaining a better balance between presenting our line of products and the superb support our company offers for them was a big priority. You will see that the information architecture keeps those two paths front and center no matter where you are on the site.

New Branding and Logo Updates

It’s 2015. It’s time for our website to look like it. We’ve implemented beautiful new brand colors and an updated logo to make browsing our site easier on the eyes. The site has a new simplicity and depth to its design that brings it in line with a brand refresh that has been rolling out across other corporate identity pieces like our tradeshow materials and collateral pieces.

An Eye on the Future

Our move to WordPress is really a first step toward improving what our online presence means to our customers and potential customers. We already have many great ideas for the site, its integration with other technology and services, and how we learn from the data we gather on how the site is being used. Keep an eye out for new ways to open lines of communication with Accusoft via the website, get to your product data easier, and learn about the technologies where Accusoft is leading their customers to smarter solutions.