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Streamline Forms with Automation


Streamline Forms with Automation 

Forms are part of everyday business activities. Whether you work in insurance or healthcare, retail or staffing, forms are necessary to get the job done. One of the biggest struggles of forms is their manual nature. Software tries to streamline the collection of data, but often you’re still left scanning information and manually storing files on a drive for later use. 

However, digital forms aren’t exclusively available for the companies making the big bucks. Forms automation software shouldn’t be expensive. Docubee helps small companies and big businesses alike streamline their workflow processes with an economical, eco-friendly, and efficient solution.



The Economical Advantage

Digital forms processing helps users save money by enabling them to create smarter forms, use less paper, and minimize the time it takes to collect data.  After creating a form, use it as a template. Save time and money by eliminating the manual recreation of forms. 

Docubee helps users stay on top of tasks and track their progress. Eliminate hours spent sifting through spreadsheets and automate progress tracking to prevent bottlenecks in your business process. As a no-code workflow tool, Docubee can map, replicate, and update business processes in minutes, proving to be highly economical.

Companies using Docubee find the transition to form automation an economical one that leads the company to success. Employees focus on innovative processes instead. Chad Otar Forbes Councils Member states in his article, How Automation Can Help Your Small Business: “The approach to automation, constantly looking for ways to incrementally improve and automate your business, is the slow and steady path to success. It also allows you to track and optimize each new effort without feeling like you have to overhaul your business from head to toe each time.”



The Efficiency Gains

When you create a standard form and map out your business process workflow, you’re creating a more productive work environment for your team. Docubee’s Fast Form Creator helps users create reusable forms, route them to the appropriate party, track progress, and reduce manual paper-based data entry. 

Docubee populates documents from data in web forms and other system databases making the outcome efficient and timely.  Docubee’s dynamic web forms enable companies to automate their processes with the use of mobile-friendly web forms. This process creates a faster turnaround time and higher form completion rates.  

According to TechFunnel, Human Resource Departments “… often fail to engage new candidates and potential employees well enough, while automated software can help not only use data to find better-qualified candidates, but also support collaboration between management and HR. IT also helps better monitor and track all recruitment and onboarding activities.” 



Digital vs. Physical 

Saving the planet from unduly waste of paper is a major concern for most companies.  Docubee helps eliminate paper waste by storing all data in a digital format. Forms processing is expedited by the use of Docubee’s digital signature feature. Using this tool, users can track the progress and approval of forms. Digitally sign documents anytime, anywhere, on any device, and stop using fax machines or scanners to process your signature. 

According to  Business Guide to Paper Reduction:  “There does not need to be a distinction between paper reduction efforts that are good for the environment and good for the bottom line. The two even amplify each other – while cost-savings will be the most tangible benefit, a reputation for being environmentally conscious can also be good for business.” Point blank, Docubee eliminates this waste as it helps companies succeed as an environmentally conscious partner.

Economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly, Docubee is a business process automation tool that every growing company can use to build and process forms easily. With its adaptability and ease-of-use, Docubee provides an economical and efficient way for companies big and small to automate their processes.