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Tech Talk: Why One Company Chose Us

AVEVA is a global leader in engineering design and information management software solutions for the process plant, power and marine industries. In 2014, AVEVA was named Britain’s Most Admired Company in software and computer services by Management Today.

Its web based AVEVA NET information management solution provides customers with a single point of access to aggregated and validated information, playing a major role in the company’s Digital Asset approach. AVEVA needed an HTML5 viewer to incorporate into its user dashboard. After undertaking a thorough technical evaluation of multiple viewers, Accusoft’s Prizm Viewer, formerly Prizm Content Connect, was selected.

AVEVA’s customers use varying document types ranging from datasheets, purchase orders and reports, to 2D engineering drawings, 3D models and laser scans. Despite having in-house technologies for the viewing of drawings and models, it was imperative that AVEVA had a complementary web-based viewer that would accommodate their customers’ wide range of other document types and formats. And Prizm Viewer was ideal for meeting this requirement.

Prizm Viewer has the ability to display dozens of file format types. Viewing is available for DOCX, XLSX, PDF, JPEG, DWG, DGN, TIFF and many more file format types.

AVEVA’s customers had a number of demanding requirements that needed to be addressed for their document viewing and collaboration environments. Prizm Viewer was able to address all of these needs with a user-friendly interface for the AVEVA NET dashboard.

Their customers needed a viewer that came with a single, intuitive interface that required little training. Prizm Viewer gave them that consistent, configurable interface and much more. It was able to run seamlessly in any browser and performed effortlessly; creating fast, high-quality, accurate renditions of documents. It was also able to scale to the very large volumes of documents required by AVEVA’s users.

Prizm Viewer also came with the added benefit of reducing deployment costs and cutting the costs associated with seats of native applications by allowing customers to reserve seats for those who needed them, while allowing others to view, annotate and collaborate on documents through the AVEVA NET dashboard.

AVEVA was able to integrate Prizm Viewer into their information management solution painlessly, creating a better experience for their customers, while also reducing project risks. Click here to try Prizm Viewer for yourself!