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The Easiest Way to Maximize Productivity in Business Applications

using gradle for single click deployment

Are you getting the most out of your business processes? If you’re still stuck using email for document collaboration or – worse – getting lost in a paper trail, there is an easier alternative that doesn’t disrupt your current application landscape. What if you could enhance productivity, facilitate collaboration, and mitigate risk using an integration to your current application?

Integrate Productivity

When you ask employees to work within multiple applications to complete projects, productivity often gets lost. Think about all the time it takes to search for documents in file repositories and navigate multiple applications to collaborate and approve documents. Not to mention ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data. It can force companies to buy unnecessary software licenses to systems they only use occasionally.

However, applications that companies use on a day-to-day basis can be extended with SDKs, APIs, and business process automation solutions. By integrating content processing, conversion, and automation toolkits into your existing application, you’re giving your end-users the ability to create a more productive business process.

With PrizmDoc Viewer, end users can view, mark up, and sign off on documents without opening a third party application. This reduces the potential for human error and minimizes the need to flip from screen to screen. Enable your team’s productivity with the ability to compare, redact, and collaborate on documents in real-time from a single platform.

In addition, using Adobe Reader or Microsoft Office isn’t the most cost-effective alternative, especially on mobile devices. As mobility becomes more and more of a necessity, PrizmDoc Viewer APIs ensure document accessibility and control are an extension to your core applications. Need to apply watermarks or digital rights management controls on documents? PrizmDoc Viewer has you covered.

Reduce Physical Space and Convert Digital Records

You are likely tired of shuffling paper between employees, departments, and external clients and partners. Capturing and converting these files into text-searchable documents or extracting key data from forms like invoices is what smart document management is all about. ImageGear makes it easy for organizations to gather key insights from documents in context with structured data.

For many companies, a project can comprise multiple file types like images, text documents, or PDFs which are better assessed as a sum of many parts. By bundling multiple documents into a single, cohesive file, employees can spend less time browsing folders and searching, and spend more time providing value to their projects.

Buy, Don’t Build to Extend SaaS and Software Solutions

For organizations that want to enhance the value of their SaaS applications, buying proven, supported APIs and UI components or comprehensive developer toolkits accelerates deployment and scaling of content processing, conversion, and automation functionalities.

By leveraging document management APIs, you can also reduce development costs and overhead for small to mid-sized organizations and enable software companies to provide customers with extended functionality under their own brand with white-labeling. All while supporting familiar language protocols like .NET, HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, and C#.

Provided your cloud-based application supports these common standards, you will be well on your way to facilitating collaborative document lifecycle governance with minimal effort and complexity.

Need more guidance on how to best address document viewing, conversion, and markup without having developers spend hundreds of man-hours building APIs in-house? Download our eGuide, Discover the Solution to Your Digital Document Dilemmas, to learn more about integrating document management functionalities into your current application today.