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Whip Your Forms into Shape with Docubee’s Fast Form Creator

Forms are a critical part of business processes, no matter what type of organization you’re running. Whether you’re dealing with employees requesting PTO or prospect requesting more information, forms enable you to collect the data you need quickly organize the information in an efficient way.

There’s a process for everything, and many organizations are figuring out that forms require a very systematic approach. If you don’t have a system in place, data can easily be lost or misplaced. What is the real issue here? Paper isn’t cutting it and neither is email.

The Trouble with Paper Forms

The problem arises when there’s too much data to structure. Manual processes take forever. Just think about all the printing, scanning, and faxing you have to do with paper forms. It’s inefficient and the cost adds up. Not to mention the time it takes to manually process that data.

In addition, emailing forms back and forth for manual or digital entry can get complicated as well. Whether the recipient is printing the form or needs to have a PDF editor installed on their device, the fact of the matter is that it’s just not efficient enough for business. Consistency is key to a streamlined workflow, and the rapid growth of unstructured and inconsistent data collection is creating process challenges.

The Problem at Scale

As companies grow, business processes naturally become more complex. Quickly scaling can be difficult without the help of a process automation tool. Without one, you need a larger headcount, and even then, mistakes will inevitably happen. Teams spend too much time and valuable resources on cumbersome, repetitive processes that are often stalled, derailed, or completely forgotten.

Manual forms and digital forms just don’t make sense when there isn’t a streamlined workflow process around collecting the data. Just think about all the forms you currently use that either contain missing or illegible information. If you’re thinking we are about to suggest a bulky document management system, think again. While we see the value of adding expensive solutions to manage content, it’s not for everyone and it’s especially not suitable for small businesses.

A Solution with Style

With Docubee, forms don’t have to be a hassle. The fast form creator helps you create reusable digital forms in minutes by automatically finding and placing fields on documents. Just imagine… eliminating manual processes and streamlining your document-based workflows. It’s not a dream. It’s reality.

With the click of a button, you can turn your static document templates into online fillable forms. Now you have a simple and powerful way to collect data from your employees and clients without all the back and forth. We help growing businesses transform tedious email and paper-based functions into efficient digital processes. Take automation to the next level with Docubee. Ready to explore more of our cloud-based, mobile-ready features? Learn more about Docubee and our features now.