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Abrigo Integrates PrizmDoc Viewer into Sageworks Lending and Credit Risk Solutions

Processing paper and doing it securely is a daily task in the financial industry, whether it involves a bank collaborating on documents between departments or a credit union receiving confidential information from its members.

However, many organizations lack a central, digital location to view and collaborate on all types of files securely. Abrigo needed a viewing solution they could integrate into their existing application to save users time and frustration while ensuring sensitive information was protected from unwanted parties.

Instead of building an HTML5 viewer on their own, Abrigo recognized that open source solutions don’t have valuable options for Office documents, which is a large portion of the files their users need to view. Learn how PrizmDoc Viewer is helping them achieve their goals.

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Learn how PrizmDoc Viewer can help your business solve document management challenges.

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