ARAG Automates Claims Processing and Boosts Efficiency with RasterMaster

Processing and archiving massive volumes of paper mail was historically a major challenge for ARAG. When ARAG updated their records system to a newer version, they reevaluated their processing and archiving software and decided to migrate their C/C++ document conversion solution, the VB indexing application, and client application to Java. This move would enable them to support infrastructure growth independent of hardware and operating system requirements. With more than 200 users and 20,000 pages scanned daily, ARAG sought a reliable Java SDK and Library to facilitate the process.

About the Client

ARAG Legal Insurance ( is the leading legal insurer worldwide. The company’s North American headquarters are based in Des Moines, Iowa. ARAG connects people with affordable and reliable legal counsel for everyday life needs. The company has an international premium base of more than $2 billion and protects 26.3 million individuals and their families — worldwide. For more news and information about ARAG visit     

RasterMaster is one of the best-performing solutions I have seen through all my years in this business.
Frank Gronenborn, IT Architect, ARAG
ARAG needed a 100-percent Java integration that would enable them to perform vital document processing and conversion on their captured TIFF electronic documents. ARAG also required reliable functionality for their front-end client viewing and indexing applications, so the solution needed to scale effectively as they added new functionality over time. The RasterMaster SDK for the Java Platform scaled effortlessly throughout all phases of ARAG’s processing and archiving solution. This enabled the insurer to migrate to 100 percent Java while supporting all the required file formats, including AFP, TIFF, and JPEG.
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