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Cirrus Secure Implements PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear to Aid in Solving Content Challenges

Lending comes with many challenges for banks and other financial institutions. Between rigid security regulations and various file types coming in for verification, lenders are often overwhelmed with manual paper processes.

Cirrus Secure is a secure document collection portal that helps lenders with business development, credit, processing, and closing. Its secure platform enables banks to administer loans more efficiently, giving structure to the process and enabling a more efficient workflow.

Learn how Accusoft helps Cirrus Secure facilitate the lending process through content management. When loose documents come into the platform, PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear help the end-user view and separate the documents within the Cirrus Secure platform. Discover the benefits this creates for their business in our latest case study.

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Learn how PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear can help your business solve document management challenges.

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