cloudPWR Implements PrizmDoc Viewer to Streamline Public Record Requests

When a citizen fills out a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request or Disclosure, the record retrieval process is often manual. Depending on the state, processes vary, but there is a large gap in smaller cities and townships when it comes to fulfilling public record requests. The process involves gathering the data, redacting personally identifiable information (PII), and providing the exemption codes for those sensitive details. cloudPWR seeks to give its clients the ability to work more cases in less time. This way, if the case volume increases, the organization does not have to add additional case workers.

About the Client

cloudPWR is an agile software company with extensive design and development experience. The products and the solutions they deploy reflect the joy of simplicity. They are listeners, thinkers, and doers. Help your organization make the shift toward better software and processes. The cloudPWR team works to bridge gaps between systems and deliver results clients can measure. They enjoy showing folks what works, not just telling them. At the end of the day, the goal is to help people embrace the software and share why.

PrizmDoc Viewer is a high performance document viewer that gives you more than what you need. We can grow with Accusoft because it’s not only about the features we need today; it’s about the features we’ll need in the future.
Shadrach White, Founder & CEO, cloudPWR
After integrating PrizmDoc Viewer into the product, cloudPWR saw a huge difference in the user experience. With the power of PrizmDoc Viewer’s Redaction API, cloudPWR was able to find an innovative way to automate the redaction process with an automatic exemption log and create a viewing experience that is intuitive for users. To learn more, download the full case study.
To learn more, download the full case study. Download Now