Cornerstone Discovery Enhances Legal Document Processing with PrizmDoc Viewer

Cornerstone Discovery wanted to concentrate their efforts on building a comprehensive eDiscovery solution without spending too much development time on creating a document viewer. After conducting a cost analysis and researching the different viewers available, the team decided to go with Adeptol, an earlier version of Accusoft’s PrizmDoc™ Viewer, as the near-native viewer for their eDiscovery web application, Junto (formerly FlightDeck).

About the Client

Cornerstone Discovery provides comprehensive criminal and civil litigation support by offering an all-inclusive solution for strategic consulting and project management as well as innovative software solutions for eDiscovery, digital forensics, litigation, and trial support. Their cloud-based eDiscovery product, JuntoSM, allows legal professionals to securely review, search, and organize large amounts of discovery data.

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We initially looked at a few viewers. Some were freeware, which needed a lot of development time to get up with no promise of success. Other paid solutions did not have the flexibility we wanted. We wanted a full viewing platform with backend conversion and integration ability without months of development time.
Jason Silva, Director of Operations, Cornerstone Discovery
Over the years, Cornerstone Discovery has grown with PrizmDoc Viewer as the product continues to provide new features that are vital in the world of eDiscovery. Unlike other paid and free solutions, PrizmDoc Viewer offers the flexibility and ease of integration that the company needs to offer an effective and easy-to-use eDiscovery platform.
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