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Ethical GmbH Improves Its eClinical Software with PrizmDoc Viewer Redaction & Annotation APIs

In clinical trials, data about specific events must be collected and objectively evaluated. In some cases, when the interpretation is difficult or subjective, a panel of clinical experts is involved in a process called Endpoint Adjudication. In this process, the event information that is passed to these experts must be redacted in a way that ensures compliance with common healthcare regulations.

In the process of building eAdjudication, Ethical recognized a need for a document viewer that specializes in secure redaction technology. In fact, the Endpoint Adjudication process requires that a panel of experts examine the data and documents related to a specific clinical event and express a judgement on it. The experts must assess the data in a blind and independent way, without any bias on the trial context or patient background.

Since integrating PrizmDoc Viewer APIs into eAdjudication, Ethical has started to test the functionality in their demo with current customers and prospects. Given the strong regulations for healthcare software, the new addition will need to go through a variety of reviews to get final approval for use in the industry.

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