HubSync Enhances Tax Preparation with OnTask API

When the team at HubSync set out to build professional tax preparation software to help CPAs spend less time managing paperwork and more time advising their clients, they needed a proven document assembly and workflow automation platform that could integrate seamlessly into their system and help them get to market faster. OnTask proved to be an ideal partner to help them disrupt the status quo, both from a technology and a cultural standpoint.

About the Client

HubSync’s mission is to simplify and automate the tax preparation and consulting process for the tax and accounting industry with best-in-class technology and solutions enabling tax preparers and their clients to actually enjoy getting their taxes filed. Top CPA firms and tax professionals have come to rely on HubSync’s integration technologies to elevate their services and modernize their offerings.

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I think the combination of all that they bring to the table in a mature capacity is the reason to do business with them. They didn’t just invent something yesterday and hope it’s working. They have tried and true platforms and people who understand the business and how to make things work.
Paul Madarasz, COO of HubSync
HubSync Case Study - OnTask
The HubSync team was able to use OnTask’s API integrations to add secure, powerful document assembly and workflow automation functionality to their tax software for tax preparers. As the company looks to add more features to assist tax professionals, the OnTask platform will continue to support HubSync’s mission to disrupt the tax preparation industry.
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