LegalSifter Implements PrizmDoc Editor for Improved Contract Automation

Business professionals review contracts daily and need a secure, intelligent way to understand the legal obligations and opportunities within documents they review. Word documents are standard in the field, but pertinent information can often be trapped in an older format, which often adds undue complexity to the contracting process.

About the Client

LegalSifter is an AI and legal expertise technology company, created at Carnegie Mellon in 2013. Their mission is to empower people with information to make the process of reviewing and editing contracts simple, affordable, and efficient.

We take in documents from the wild. We needed a solution that was able to render any Microsoft Word format within our application quickly and easily. The PrizmDoc Editor team improved the product to meet our needs and helped us solve our problem. I feel like Accusoft is 100% invested in us as a client and a partner.
Stefanie Zukowski, Director of Operations at LegalSifter
After successfully integrating PrizmDoc Editor into their application, LegalSifter went live in 18 countries within one weekend. It was the highest utilization of the product they had ever seen. Their clients are happy and LegalSifter is positive the relationship with Accusoft will propel them forward. The teams continue to partner together to maintain and grow LegalSifter’s functionality within their platform.
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