PrizmDoc Viewer Lets Mediarails Customers Focus on Sales, Not Software

There are many factors to consider in choosing a software provider. Security, support, and features can vary widely between companies, so performing due diligence is key. Mediarails struggled to find the ideal, flexible answer. The organization faced a problem more and more common in business today: customization. With a niche market and customer demands for specific output, the Seattle-based CRM specialists didn’t have the staff, time, or money to devote to developing their own custom software.

About the Client

MediaRails specializes in customer relationship management (CRM) for its marketer clients. It aggregates analytics data, enabling customers to perform market tests and engage influencers, such as celebrity spokespeople, to enhance brading. Mediarails analyzes data points and industry trends to set tracking guidelines, enabling clients to focus on more traditional marketing.

We looked at a variety of alternatives, from using Dropbox widgets to using open source point solutions, but could not find something that delivered the full solutions. We started working with Accusoft because of PrizmDoc Viewer’s preview capabilities, we finally were able to get a full document workflow solution that we could easily embed in our app.
Chris Farah, Vice President of Data, Mediarails
Accusoft was able to do what other companies couldn’t: provide a custom solution tailored to the unique needs of Mediarails and its clients. Knowing they needed a better way to view and share documents, Mediarails chose PrizmDoc™ Viewer to help its clients easily organize and collaborate on documents.
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