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PrizmDoc Viewer Lets Mediarails Customers Focus on Sales, Not Software

There are many factors to consider in choosing a software provider. Security, support, and features can vary widely between companies, so performing due diligence is key. Mediarails struggled to find the ideal, flexible answer.

The organization faced a problem more and more common in business today: customization. With a niche market and customer demands for specific output, the Seattle-based CRM specialists didn’t have the staff, time, or money to devote to developing their own custom software.

Accusoft was able to do what other companies couldn’t: provide a custom solution tailored to the unique needs of Mediarails and its clients. Knowing they needed a better way to view and share documents, Mediarails chose PrizmDoc™ Viewer to help its clients easily organize and collaborate on documents. Discover how.

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