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TEAM Informatics Improves Its Content Management System with PrizmDoc Viewer

Document management toolkits help businesses enhance the way they view and collaborate on content. TEAM Informatics discovered Accusoft while researching solutions for document viewing within an application. The organization was in the process of building a new user interface for their enterprise content management (ECM) solution, ContentWorX, on the Oracle WebCenter platform.

In the process of building ContentWorX, TEAM Informatics started searching for a document viewer in early 2018. They were looking for a solution that enabled users to view documents within the application, but needed additional features like annotation, redaction, and commenting.

PrizmDoc Viewer brought value and enhanced functionality to TEAM Informatic’s ContentWorX platform. The user experience is more friendly and agile than ever before. Working together, Accusoft helped TEAM Informatics solve its ECM challenges. Learn how.

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