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TechnoFrolics Leverages Accusoft’s Compression & Decompression Technology to Transform Video Into an Interactive Exploration

A core TechnoFrolics’ exhibit technology, the stainless steel Spin Browser dial combined with FrameGlide software application (FG|SB), enables users to move ultra-fluidly through time and space via interactive traversal of video content.

With the FG|SB system, video frames may be discontiguous, potentially separated by tens of thousands of frames in the middle, run backwards or forwards, etc. Additionally, amounts of video data to be explored are often enormous – up to millions of frames and many hundreds of gigabytes in size.

Accusoft’s jpeg decompression code was so much faster than typical implementations that our environment, utilizing their algorithm, was one of the few ways anyone could simply play a 640×480 video smoothly on typical PC hardware of the day.

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