TOTVS Fluig Enhances Document Viewing for Global Clients with PrizmDoc

TOTVS Fluig, a leading business management systems provider, improved document viewing by integrating Accusoft’s PrizmDoc solution, addressing challenges with Microsoft Office files. PrizmDoc offered advanced features like text search and annotation. Transitioning to an Accusoft cloud environment ensured scalability and compliance. With PrizmDoc, TOTVS Fluig efficiently handles millions of viewing requests, focusing on core products while relying on Accusoft. Their partnership promises future growth and innovation.

About the Client

For more than 40 years, TOTVS has been a leader in business management systems and platforms for more than 70,000 clients. The Brazil-based company is one of Latin America’s top technology solutions providers and supports customers in more than 40 countries. Featuring a complex range of scalable services available both in the cloud or on-premises, TOTVS Fluig product empowers digital transformation for different business segments and sizes thanks to consistent integrations and customizable user experiences with Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features.

"Having a great variety of document tools lets us rest assured that Accusoft is a partner that we can rely on."
José Faria, Product Manager for TOTVS Fluig
TOTVS Fluig utilized an internal, custom solution for document viewing across its applications. Unfortunately, the viewer struggled to handle many document types, especially when it came to Microsoft Office files. Because Word and Excel files could be manipulated in so many ways, the viewer was not always able to accurately render documents with sufficient fidelity to meet the needs of customers. With PrizmDoc in place, TOTVS Fluig can now process more than 8 million viewing requests per year without compromising fidelity, security, or performance.
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