PrizmDoc® for Java Brings Efficiency to the Hampden County Registry of Deeds

The combination of the county’s predominantly urban layout and its historic past provides an interesting challenge for the Registry of Deeds. In addition to storing deeds, affidavits, and other documents generated by Hampden’s businesses and citizens, the registry also houses historic documents going all the way back to 1636. These timeless documents are an invaluable resource for authors, academics and genealogists researching various subjects.  Thanks to PrizmDoc® for Java, formerly VirtualViewer®, visitors to Hampden County’s website are now able to access over 175 different document types—ranging from affidavits to land deeds—from any web browser.

About the Client

The Hampden County Registry of Deeds is a public office under the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Registry’s role is to record, store, and retrieve documents pertaining to real estate in Hampden County. Hampden County has practiced this tradition since the 1600s when English settlers began recording and publicizing property transfers. The Registry now maintains over three centuries’ worth of real estate records. Two of the Registry’s core values are customer service and historical preservation. To learn more about the Registry, visit

“We were attracted to an affordable, zero footprint solution that didn’t require a download and presented users with the fewest possible ‘clicks’ to print or export a document,”
Gregory Rogers, Director of Management Information Systems at the Registry of Deeds
Hampden County is one the most industrialized counties of western Massachusetts, with a population of 462,718 residents living in 197,318 households. Whenever any of those houses or plots of land change hands, documents must be created to record the transaction and it’s the job of the county registrar to keep it all straight. With hundreds of thousands of documents being processed every year, their system finally started to slow down.  Hampden County was looking for a better document processing solution.  Learn how PrizmDoc® for Java from Accusoft was able to speed up viewing times as well as improve viewing quality.
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