How PrizmDoc® for Java’s Efficient Image Access Helped Manitoulin Transportation Stay on the Move

The lifeblood of transportation companies is the ability for clients to check their shipping order status. For Manitoulin, they enhanced their web portal for customers to retrieve and view scanned documents including, bills of lading, proofs of delivery, and invoices. Shortly after its launch, the portal was accommodating over 35,000 visits per month, and challenges with viewing speed arose. Learn how Manitoulin solved this problem with Accusoft’s PrizmDoc® for Java, formerly VirtualViewer®.

About the Client

Manitoulin Transport has the most extensive transportation network in North America, making it easy to provide dependable on-time delivery and faster transit times. Sustained by 60 years of experience, Manitoulin developed the transportation knowledge that is relied on and trusted by clients in various industries. Manitoulin’s command of the transportation industry, together with its progressive technology, innovative equipment fleet and cross Canada locations can ship your world confidently. 

As a single-source carrier, Manitoulin offers a wide array of trucking services including expedited less than truckload and truckload, trans-border, intermodal, private fleet, guaranteed service, temperature-controlled, dangerous goods, and supply chain management. Learn more at

“PrizmDoc® for Java is a phenomenal application,” Lalonde. “It’s faster and cleaner than any of our previous viewing solutions.”
Tim Lalonde, IT director for Manitoulin
Thanks to the enhanced capabilities of PrizmDoc® for Java, Manitoulin was able to streamline its operations and make customer workflows even more efficient. This, in turn, helped to increase operational efficiency and improve the company’s bottom line.
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