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Webinar: AI in eDiscovery – PII Detection, Context, and Redaction with PrizmDoc



Join us for an engaging webinar with Dan Lee, Senior Product Manager at Accusoft, as we unravel the use of AI in eDiscovery.

Key Focus Areas

AI in eDiscovery is a rapidly evolving field that leverages artificial intelligence to automate and enhance various aspects of the eDiscovery process. AI in PrizmDoc helps to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with data privacy.

  • See how AI is used in PrizmDoc to streamline and automate the PII Detection process to find and extract personal information from text documents.
  • Explore methods to establish the context of the identified PII by using surrounding information to help interpret the meaning and relevance of PII in a document and determine the appropriate actions to take.
  • Learn how PrizmDoc’s Redaction tools enable you to add secure masking and removal of PII from your documents to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure and generate a resulting document with the PII securely removed.

In this webinar, we explore real-world cases using PrizmDoc’s APIs and SDK to build automated and more efficient PII identification and redaction workflows.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to use AI in PrizmDoc for PII detection
  • How to establish context for the identified PII
  • How to create resulting documents with the PII securely removed

Take advantage of this opportunity to shape the future of eDiscovery with AI.