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Microservice Architecture Panel


We’ve brought together one of our teams who is actively building products in a microservice architecture to answer your questions. In this presentation we will answer: What are microservices? How small is too small? How do you determine the size? How do you decide on a microservice architecture for a project? Is the function vs. performance tradeoff relevant? How do you handle communication between microservices? How do you test a microservice? Can microservices be libraries? Would you ever use a monolithic architecture again? How would you handle transferring large amounts of data between two microservices? What is the difference between microservice architecture and service-oriented architecture? What is the best way to communicate between microservices? How do you do cross microservice transactions? Presenters: Samantha Sager, Jamison Prianos, Stephen Bucholtz, Michael Irigoyen, Joe Carioti