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Native Rendering of Microsoft Office Documents: MSO conversion in PrizmDoc 12.0


PrizmDoc 12.0 offers a variety of new features, one of which includes Microsoft Office Native rendering. With this new capability, users can save time and money by processing all of their Microsoft Office documents with a true native render. What does this mean exactly? Well, there is a big difference between near-native and native rendering. With a near-native render, the product software is creating an interpretation of the original document. Native rendering is the presentation of the file in its original format. This means that the Microsoft Office file has been rendered in a way that provides a clearer, more accurate depiction of the original file. With M-S-O conversion, users don’t need to worry about the fidelity issues inherent with near native rendering. The files convert seamlessly to emulate the original document. This feature is included in the PrizmDoc 12 point O cloud-hosted product, but can also be purchased as an add-on with the self-hosted alternative. Take advantage of native rendering and relinquish any frustration of near-native complications.