Key Features:

  • Color, grayscale, and bitonal image cleanup
  • Improve content recognition accuracy
  • Create smaller compressed files
SDK Support Offered For:
.NET 32/64-bit
ActiveX 32-bit
Receive an ISIS Xpress SDK License with the purchase of any SDK.

ScanFix Xpress enhances your applications with the power to automatically clean up and correct scanned image files with little or no operator intervention.

Why do I want it?

  • Better post-scan processing
  • After a scan has been cleaned up with ScanFix Xpress, subsequent processes such as optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), and forms processing yield more accurate results.
  • Smaller files
  • Scans cleaned up and compressed by ScanFix Xpress take up less space in your archives, and transmit to internal and external customers faster.
  • Less prep time
  • ScanFix Xpress’s ability to automatically detect and correct image orientation frees scanner operators from having to carefully sort and orient papers before scanning, to boost productivity and reduce errors in large-scale scanning jobs and trim labor costs.
  • Cleaner archives
  • Where an application built with ScanFix Xpress is an integral part of the document storage & retrieval workflow, stored copies of scanned documents are small, clean, sharp, and oriented & aligned properly, and thus optimized for any future OCR/ICR, forms processing, printing or other operations that may be performed on them in the future.
ScanFix Xpress In Your Applications

ScanFix Xpress is the perfect fit for:

Developers building archival systems or content management systems that need to produce cleaner, better images with less manual interventions during the capture process.
Organizations building forms processing solutions, indexing solutions or other capture solutions that need to improve their recognition accuracy.
Enterprises building web services in the Cloud that are capturing a large number of images which cannot be manually processed due to the large volume.
Automated processing including:

• Deskew
• Binarize
• BorderCrop
• Line removal (customizable under API control)
• Document rotation and orientation
• Inverse text correction in colors
• Hole punch removal
• Background smoothing on color
    and grayscale images
• Brightness and contrast
• Image Detergent to reduce
    variability in colors
Improved Scan Results, Reduced File Sizes and
Less Document Preparation
  • Cleans up noise and variations in specified colors in 24-bit color images
  • Flattens each color region to a specified color by adjusting each color region to its center point
  • Offers an automatic mode to clean dominant colors or can specify color list
  • Removes JPEG compression artifacts commonly found around characters in scanned color documents
  • Allows multiple colors to be adjusted without increasing processing time
  • Removes JPEG compression artifacts commonly found around characters in scanned color documents
  • Locates specified RGB colors in 24-bit images and drops those colors to white or a specified color
  • Identifies pixels to change based on proximity to user-specified color values
  • Provides very precise control over color manipulation
  • Supports color conversion and color blending to target color
  • Allows multiple colors to be dropped without adding to processing time
  • Detects presence of specified colors without drop
  • Extracts specified colors, dropping everything else to white
  • Performs software-based HSV color dropout on 24-bit images, emulating a hardware-based dropout scanner through much more powerful and flexible technology
  • Allows multiple hues and ranges within hues to be dropped to white and adjacent colors to fade into shades of gray
  • Compensates for variations in color saturation and brightness caused by printing environments
  • Uses adaptive mode to "tweak" the hue for each image
  • The inverted operation selects only requested hue and drops all other colors to white
  • Removes hole punches and larger areas of black on 1-bit images
  • Enables user configurable threshold settings
  • Allows specification of full-page or a specific area of interest
  • Reduces file sizes and storage requirements with cleaner pages
  • Returns count of objects found
  • Detects and automatically converts inverted text zones on 1-bit images
  • Changes white-on-black text to normal black-on-white
  • Recognizes inverse zones in any shape, including circular
  • Removes the fill color of text
  • Reduces file sizes by eliminating unnecessary black pixels