Key Features:

  • Zonal OCR
    (optical character recognition of machine-printed text)
  • Zonal ICR
    (intelligent character recognition of hand-printed characters)
SDK Support Offered For:
.NET 32/64-bit
ActiveX 32-bit
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FormSuite Pricing Bundle
.NET 32/64-bit | ActiveX 32-bit

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Read hand and machine printed data off your forms. SmartZone SDKs make it easy to include the world's best character recognition in your application.

Just pass it an image clip, and SmartZone returns the characters. It's ideal for processing fields on forms, whether they were typed (OCR) or hand-printed (ICR).

Confidence values let you decide when an operator should review the results, and alternate characters help them quickly select the correct result.

SmartZone for .NET includes exclusive new technology that uses regular expressions, such as social security numbers or phone numbers, to improve accuracy even further. When you know the format of the expected data in any field, you can increase overall accuracy by specifying which characters can occupy each position.

Visit the Demo page to try SmartZone online or to install a demonstration program, or download the FormSuite SDK to compile and run sample code, and start developing your own forms processing solution.

Need MICR support for your check processing application?
Download our MICR SDK with SmartZone.

Perform OCR or ICR on the extracted fields, which could include names, amounts, or serial numbers.
Ready For Storage
Store the results in a database or pass them to the next step in your workflow.

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For a credit card field: (d{4} ){3}d{4}

means accept: 1234 4567 9876 5432

over: 123A A567 9876 5A32

or: 123 4567 9876 5432