Prizm Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer

CAD Viewing Module

The CAD module for Prizm Content Connect adds support for CAD drawing formats to the comprehensive list of other file formats users can open, annotate, redact, and collaborate on from within the browser-based document viewer.

Users can view and share engineering and architectural drawing files - including DWG, DXF, DWF and DGN - quickly and in high fidelity, with no client-side software required other than an HTML5-compliant browser. They can even zoom in on drawings without seeing any loss in image quality, and print directly from the viewer.


Cut Costs
    Reduces the cost of your software footprint while making collaboration more productive by enabling users across the organization to view and mark up CAD drawings from a browser.
Control Content
    Digital rights management (DRM) capabilities empower you to define user-level, document-level, or custom controls for your drawings to retain control over document printing, saving, viewing, and even navigation.
Integrate Easily
    Works seamlessly within your business process applications, helping you to streamline collaboration workflows for CAD drawings and for all common document types from a single, intuitive user interface.
    Enables your users to annotate, redact and share drawings.