Technical FAQs for "PrizmDoc Cells"

There are 2 ways to password protect a document

  • Protected sheet for locked cells – we display the document as is and respect locked and hidden cells, but we don’t allow inputting the password to unlock it.
  • Password protected document for opening – we currently don’t support this use case; instead, it will fail to process the file with UnsupportedFileFormat.

Cells does not support concurrent/collaborative editing of the same document. It is designed for a linear workflow where saved data is made available to authorized users, enabling them to start with a spreadsheet that was previously populated by someone else.

You must be running PrizmDoc Viewer version 13.10 or above in order to use this integration.

PrizmDoc Cells requires a connection to an instance of PrizmDoc Viewer with Microsoft Office conversion enabled in order to display most embedded objects. You will find instructions on how to configure a connection to PrizmDoc Viewer server here.

Cells can view and edit XLSX files. Other Microsoft Excel formats require conversion to XLSX.

By default, the Cells Server will use internal storage which is only suitable for evaluation and development. When deploying to a production environment, best results come from configuring the server to use enterprise level storage (S3) versus filesystem.

Before running this Docker image, you MUST configure Docker to use the following minimum hardware resources: 2 CPUs and 7.5 GB memory. If you try to run the image with fewer CPUs or less memory, it may not function correctly.

Cells distributed in a Docker container which you can download and install on multiple platforms (MacOS, Windows, and Linux). For more information on setting up a Docker environment, refer to the Docker Docs.

To get up and running quickly, our docker container runs in evaluation mode without a license key. Try it here

Note: some actions are disabled in the mode including exporting a spreadsheet and customizing the UI. In addition, there are warnings that Cells is running in evaluation mode and a watermark appears across the viewing area. If you would like to do a full-featured evaluation, contact us here.