Prizm Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer

eSignature Module

Adding the eSignature module to Prizm Content Connect empowers users to allow digital signatures to be applied to documents, right in the Viewer. The eSignatures work just like annotations, so they can be tracked and applied in a manner compliant with the rules of validity established by the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce ("E-Sign") Act.

Waiting for signatures to validate approval or agreement on documents, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or contracts is a fact of life in the business world. Finalizing contracts and agreements faster can dramatically impact your bottom line and growth opportunities, and saves time and effort for all parties to the agreement.


Total Security
    Keeps documents secure - using 256-bit SSL encryption and authentication and full audit trails – and private among interested parties, unlike hosted solutions that offer a low cost-per-document-signed model but pass sensitive documents through third-party servers (a practice that may violate compliance in some cases).
Better Value
    Over a large volume or number of documents, an in-house solution like Prizm Content Connect with the eSignature module offers a better value over time than a pay-as-you-go, hosted solution.
Get Down to Business, Faster
    Enables you to add digital signatures to any kind of document, from anyone, anywhere in the world, and integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, project management, content management, and business process software, empowering you to finalize approvals in minutes, not hours or days.
More Control
    With full API support, Prizm Content Connect enables you to batch-process documents, giving you even more customization control over your workflow.