The fastest, highest quality document viewer delivers secure, fully customizable viewing and collaboration.

Cut costs, reduce security risks, and boost productivity through an easy-to-deploy, server-based viewer that eliminates unnecessary licenses and downloads.

Key features that make Prizm Content Connect a leader in viewing technology:
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The Fastest, Highest Quality Viewer
Collaboration and Markup Tools
Advanced Search with Keyword Phrases
Limit Security Risks and Protect Documents
Deploy Easily with Simple Integration
    • Support more than 300 document types
    • View documents in all modern browser environments
    • Generate thumbnail previews of documents
    • Localize viewer to over 65 languages
    • Use Zero Footprint HTML5 or Thin Client Flash clients
    • Collaborate using annotation tools
    • Markup documents right in the viewer
    • Watermark documents
    • Search documents for keywords or phrases
    • Highlight search hits throughout the entire file
    • Limit security risks by eliminating additional software installation required to view documents, including Microsoft Office, CAD and Adobe files.
    • Protect documents with Digital Rights Management
    • Deploy on any server platform, integrate with any programming language
    • Use JavaScript events for full auditing and control
    • Convert Microsoft Office to PDF, SWF or SVG on the server