Prizm Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer


Support for All Server Platforms
Can be installed on Windows Microsoft Windows (64-bit) Server and Linux Linux (64-bit) Server. Click here to see technical specifications.

Integrate with Any Programming Language
Whether you work in .NET, C#, PHP, ColdFusion or JSP, Prizm Content Connect can be easily integrated into any application. It also comes with sample code to get you started.

Works with All Modern Browser Environments
Tested and verified for compatibility with all modern browser environments on different platforms. Utilizing the power of modern web browsers the touch enabled HTML5 Viewer is designed to give users access to collaboration features in mobile, tablet and desktop environments.

Flexible Content Display and Layout Controls
Prizm Content Connect easily allows users to get a better view of the content. The touch enabled HTML5 interface allows users to pinch, pan and rotate all with their fingers. For standard displays the Flash and HTML5 viewers allow users to quickly access tools to zoom, rotate, magnify or fit the content to their display.

Document Types Supported
Display and work with the most common document file types, including Microsoft Office 2007 (docx, xlsx, pptx), Office 2000 (doc, xls, ppt), Open Office (odt, sxw, ods, sxc. odp, sxi, odg), Images (jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff), Adobe PDF, CAD and DICOM. Click Here to view complete list of document formats supported.

Conversion Of Microsoft Office Documents To PDF And SWF On The Server
Prizm Content Connect allows users to convert any format of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF and SWF on an in-house server.

No Need to Install Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Or Adobe Software
All conversion, rendering and display of documents is done within the server. There is no need for Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, or any other additional software licenses or downloads.

Multi-Tenant Conversion for Faster, Simultaneous Document Conversion
The Prizm Content Connect AJAX document viewer is not a virtual printer based server, which means there is no need to spool and queue all the documents that users have requested. The thin client document viewer is based on a Multiple Tenancy Concept, enabling multiple users to access the server at the same time and get various documents converted simultaneously. No more waiting in line for other documents to convert first.

JavaScript Events
Sending programmatic JavaScript events to the viewer enables you to fully embed and control the viewer from an external application. You can also receive events from the viewer when users have performed some predefined action, in order to make your application even more interactive. JavaScript events can be used to create user level and document level audit logs, for example, which are useful in workflow based applications.

Change the look and feel of the viewer interface using the extensible API. Add your complete branding, or toggle UI controls on and off, depending on your users' needs and your preferences.

Full International Language Support
Out of the box support for more than 65 languages. View documents written in any language such as Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Urdu, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish and Korean. You can also localize tooltips and text in the viewer using simple API calls. Use Prizm Content Connect in conjunction with a translation partner, such as Google Translate, to provide real-time, in-line translation of documents into any supported language.

Standardize on PDF
Documents can not only be converted to SWF, but also to PDF, offering your users not only the ability to view the documents in a web based environment, but also to download the documents in PDF form. Standardizing on the PDF format through the Prizm platform allows your organization to share documents with more users, more securely.

Easy System Integration
Prizm Content Connect integrates easily with web applications, content management systems, and other software. Integrate the server with your application and call the Java API directly from within your code. Easily embed your documents in web pages and publish them on the Internet.

Document Search
Search is built into the user interface, allowing for a range of search options from simple keyword to advanced phrase to interact with the document. Keyword and phrase search hits are highlighted through the entire file, and can even be preloaded with the document into the viewer window using a simple API call.

Flexible Real-Time Conversion and Viewing Options
Allow users to view documents whenever and wherever they want. Documents are rendered in real-time and made available to users in a variety of client implementations, included in Prizm Content Connect. Use the AJAX based document viewer client to view documents on a desktop, and to perform complex workflows. The Zero Footprint client is perfect for sharing PDF and TIFF documents with partners and customers outside your firewall. Finally, the HTML5 Mobile client allows your users to take documents on the go, keeping you on the cutting edge of viewing technology.

Offline Conversion Support
For larger documents or specific needs, documents can be converted offline and made available to users when needed.

Full Screen View
Documents can be viewed in a full screen mode in an enhanced resolution format.

Enhanced Security
Get a comprehensive set of security features including SSL encryption of communications. You can add increased document security by using built-in Digital Rights Management to render read-only documents and disable print, copy, and save functions on the user or document level.

Distributed Content, Central Processing
Enable remote users to quickly access documents on their desktops or mobile devices, while maintaining centralized control of the content, conversion services, and integrated systems in your in-house servers.

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