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  • Multi-threaded document conversion and rendering
  • Full-featured document viewing
  • Built-in Digital Rights Management for full control over documents
  • Built-in records management
  • Easy configuration and administration
  • Support for more than 300 document types
  • Documents can be embedded in your application, as well as viewed in a browser or even on a smartphone or mobile device
  • Easy system integration. Integrate using the API, or invoke a Java class directly from your application
  • Independent or embedded Java process or service for use with your application
  • Platform neutral

Prizm Content Connect Document Viewer Architecture

Use built-in Digital Rights Management to retain full control over your documents, allowing you to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your documents, while sharing them. You can automatically manage documents to pre-defined SLAs by configuring availability, security and performance permissions and settings. Prizm Content Connect allows you to offer document viewing using a highly unified, reliable and efficient infrastructure made up of industry standard components.

Transform documents into a universal viewing format that can be viewed from virtually any application or process. Prizm Content Connect guarantees availability, security and scalability for all applications, independent of hardware and location.

Just like the single server OS was an indispensable part of the traditional IT stack, the Prizm Content Connect server is an indispensable platform for the future of document viewing.