what is it?

The viewer displays dozens of document and image file types so that your visitors can view, search, and download them. For more details, see features and pricing.

why do I want it?

Get the Fatest, Most Accurate HTML5 Viewer

Display any document right in a web browser. Desktop or mobile, get fast, secure access to Microsoft Office files, PDFs, CAD, medical DICOM, and more.

  • Fastest hi-fi loading and paging
  • Mobile-optimized viewer works on iOS, Android, and Blackberry with no app required
  • Hundreds of file types supported, on any device, desktop or mobile
  • Easy, affordable path to BYOD!
Secure Your Documents with Encryption, DRM

Prizm Content Connect keeps your source documents on your server while sending encrypted, high-fidelity facsimiles to users' browsers.

Customizable digital rights management (DRM) tools enable/disable text copying, printing, and downloading of the source file.

  • You keep control of your encryption keys and log files
  • Documents stay safe behind your firewall while hi-fi, non-editable viewing facsimiles transmit across the network
  • 256-bit SSL encryption ensures security in transit
  • Browser-based digital rights management (DRM) restricts printing, text copying, and downloading
A Complete Suite of Secure Redaction and Annotation Tools

Users learn just one toolset for marking up all common file types on any device, with full security.

  • Redaction tools include Draw to Redact and Text/Paragraph Redaction
  • Annotation includes text commenting, stamps, highlights and more
  • Users can save a PDF copy with markups "burned in" and no trace of redacted content; unredacted content remains searchable, indexable
  • The perfect viewer for eDiscovery, research, and other collaborative applications where security is paramount
Search By Keyword, Phrase, And Advanced Parameters

Prizm Content Connect empowers users to perform full-text searches in almost any document type containing text content.

  • Exact word/phrase matching
  • Case-sensitive matching
  • Whole-word-only matching
  • Begins with, ends-with matching
  • Wildcard support
  • Hit highlighting in text
  • Hit-list panel
  • Integrates with ECM global search tools
Apply Signatures Without Printing and Scanning

An out-of-the-box tool empowers users to add their signature to a variety of document types.

  • Back-end burn-in of signature into a downloadable PDF
  • Original document is unaltered
  • Eliminates the need for printing, signing, scanning and sending process
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