Prizm Content Connect

Zero Footprint Viewer for HTML5, Flash, Mobile, SharePoint, Salesforce, Documentum

A fully customizable viewer for documents and other files – more than 300 supported file types in all – that adapts to your business needs and works for any operating system or browser, mobile or desktop.

Prizm ActiveX Viewer

Thick Client Viewer with Workflow and List File Compilation

A viewer for high-speed document imaging display and navigation with a browser plug-in. Prizm ActiveX Viewer delivers fast viewing of large documents by performing decompression and manipulation on the client.

Prizm Viewer

FREE Cloud-Based, On-Demand Document Viewer

A cloud-based service that allows you to embed a document viewer on your site while keeping the documents on your servers, delivering a unique, real-time experience to your users.

Prizm Share

Any Document, On Any Device, Anywhere Online!

Pick a photo, document, spreadsheet... anything you want to make available for others to view. The file can already be online somewhere or you can upload it from your device. Let friends, family, co-workers or the whole world know what you have posted.


Viewer Solutions Comparison Table

  Prizm Content Connect Prizm Cloud Prizm Share Prizm ActiveX Viewer
Best For... Internal control over documents, On Premise Ease of implementation Easily sharing documents Versatility for both server and local files
Document Security Documents stay on your server Documents temporarily stored on our server Documents temporarily stored on our server Documents stay on your server
Document Availability Internal Public Public/File Upload Internal
Hosting Your Server Our Server Our Server Installed On End User PC
Server Compatibility Windows or Linux N/A N/A (Annotation server) Windows or Linux
Browser Compatibility Any Any Any Windows PC, IE, Firefox
Mobile Support iOS/Android iOS/Android iOS/Android No
Local File Viewing Local File Viewer included (on Windows PC w/IIS) No No Yes
Printing Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Support 300 Formats including Office, PDF, images, CAD 300 Formats including Office, PDF, images, CAD 300 Formats including Office, PDF, images, CAD Images, PDF, CAD, and SVG
Annotations Yes No No Yes (w/optional annotation server)
Redactions Yes No No Yes (w/optional annotation server)
Development Environment (Server) Java (Server)     Java, C, ASP, PHP, others
Viewer Code HTML5, Flash HTML5, Flash, CMS Plugins HTML5 ActiveX/Browser Plug-in