Document viewing

Render and display documents for true zero footprint viewing. PrizmDoc Viewer converts any document or image into a web standard format, so you can display them easily in a web browser on any desktop or mobile device. Embed the customizable viewer into your web application in just a few lines of code. Zero installation is required on customer devices because everything they need is already in the browser.

Responsive and configurable UI

  • Designed for phone, tablet, and desktop users.
  • Single UI implementation adapts to the viewport size of the device or element in which it is embedded.
  • Configurable options include disabling tabs, DRM features, localization, rendering options, encryption, default tool settings, and predefined search.
  • UI code can be modified to suit customization needs.

Viewing client API

  • Augment, customize, or automate end users' viewing client experience
  • Page navigation
  • Events
  • Zooming and fitting content
  • Markup saving and loading
  • Searching document text
  • Printing
  • Getting page and document attributes

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