Quickly and accurately convert any image-based document into an editable text file or searchable PDF. The RESTful API detects and extracts text from images to collect and store the content without having to re-type or manually enter data. Compatible with PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, and BMP. This is available for cloud users and as an add-on for self-hosted users.


  • Automatically detect page orientation
  • Check extraction results using confidence values returned with each character
  • Compatible with various page layouts, including interspersed photos and graphics within text
  • Image-over-text PDF output has searchable text that aligns with the text on the image, and adjusts for varying font sizes on the page
  • English supported

Test the OCR API input and output using the demo below.

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step 1. choose output type:

Select your desired output format. Cloud OCR will extract the text detail from your scanned image and provide you with results as either a plaint text document or in a searchable PDF format.

step 2. choose a test file:

Choose one of the files below. Please note that currently we are only supporting .jpg, .tif, .png, and .bmp files for OCR.

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