Large Document and Server-Side Search

The Large Document Viewing and Server-Side Search feature minimizes the load time and optimizes performance for viewing and searching large documents. Compared to leading word processors, PrizmDoc Viewer loads documents with over 1,000 pages much faster. In seconds, compared to minutes, the document is ready to view and search. Since large documents can take an excessive amount of time to load, you risk the viewer crashing when the browser memory becomes overwhelmed.

Server-side search reduces the memory load in the viewer, dramatically increasing performance of large document search results. PrizmDoc Viewer reduces the memory by rendering only the pages a viewer needs rather than all the pages in order.

  • Save yourself some time and embed PrizmDoc Viewer into your application to create a comprehensive document viewing experience.
  • Provide an enhanced viewer that supports documents with over 1,000 pages and the ability to load and search for content quickly.
  • Dramatically increase the performance of large document search results by allowing PrizmDoc Viewer to automatically reduce the memory load in your viewer.

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