Key Features:

  • Powerful document image editing and enhancement
  • High-performance C libraries
  • Fastest compression and decompression engines
SDK Support Offered For:
Mac OS X
Enhance bitonal document image cleanup with the commercially supported software development libraries for TIFF G3/G4, PDF, JBIG2, CAD, JPEG, JPEG 2000, and more, in PICTools Document.

Gain low-level access to key document processing features, such as auto binarization, auto border crop, dot shading removal, perspective warp correction and more. Leverage faster compression/decompression and higher quality images, with unmatched support and continuous improvement.

Accusoft has conducted a vast amount of research to enhance its JPEG editing, compression, speed, clean up, and artifact removal algorithms. Many of these technologies seem routine at first, but Accusoft is the only company in the world that provides JPEG editing directly on JPEG compressed data thereby avoiding the quality loss of recompression and color conversion normally associated with editing JPEG images.