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New Features Bolster Accusoft’s HTML5 Viewer as eDiscovery Leader

Prizm Content Connect v9.3 meets the toolset and performance bar for advanced legal applications

TAMPA, Fla. – January 27, 2015 – Accusoft announces the release of Prizm Content Connect v9.3, the latest version of its industry-leading HTML5 document viewer. The new version’s security-boosting watermarking, convenient navigation bar for commonly used functions and other upgrades build on Prizm Content Connect’s reputation as the premium viewing component for enterprise websites and applications, and especially for eDiscovery and other document review applications for the legal technology market.

 Robust, scalable and highly customizable, Prizm Content Connect is an application for securely viewing and sharing virtually any document, image or message file type through the browser on almost any end-user device, desktop or mobile, without the need for external players, plugins or apps. Prizm Content Connect’s responsive viewer auto-adapts both its high-fidelity document display and navigation controls to the screen size on which it’s used, for optimized viewing on any device type.

Legal market software developers and in-house application builders for legal departments integrate Prizm Content Connect as a viewing component for eDiscovery, case review and other applications that require fast, secure display of documents on any device and a rich collaboration toolset including advanced search, annotation, redaction and electronic document signing. A legal application that incorporates Prizm Content Connect empowers professionals to securely review, markup and approve documents in their native file formats, and to enjoy the convenience and productivity benefits of a consistent set of collaboration tools that work the same regardless of file type or the user’s device.

Already the most secure HTML5 viewer thanks to its 256-bit AES encryption, configurable user permissions and an architecture that never requires the original source document to download to the user’s device, Prizm Content Connect now also enables customer companies to apply customizable watermarks to documents for an added measure of protection against unauthorized use.

Other new features include the ability to print comment and redaction reasons and to embed working hyperlinks into annotations, plus “polyline” annotations that enable users to easily connect a comment to a multi-line shape defining an irregular region or a page.

Acknowledged as the fastest, most feature-rich HTML5 viewer available, Prizm Content Connect is the viewer of choice not only for a growing list of legal applications developers, but also for Yahoo!, medical imaging companies, aerospace companies and other tech-savvy organizations requiring fast, secure viewing of any file type through any device.

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