PrizmDoc Suite

Fast, flexible access to front and back end document functionality for use in web applications and system solutions.

Deliver the functionality your users want anywhere, anytime


Render and display dozens of file types, from Adobe PDFs and Microsoft Office files to CAD and DICOM formats, in a browser without the need to download or open native applications. Designed for seamless integration with your application, our zero footprint viewer is fully customizable, from quick integrations with minimal configuration to complete programmatic control using our extensive JavaScript API.

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Using our secure, browser-based document editor, take control of DOCX editing with no Microsoft Word Online or GoogleDocs dependencies. PrizmDoc Editor enables users to edit and collaborate on documents through workflows inside your system and behind your firewalls, instead of downloading and emailing attachments back and forth. Switch the editor into one of three available modes for more user permission controls.

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Enhance collaboration between remote team members, external clients, and in-house employees with a variety of review tools. Provide full document markup capabilities with annotation tools including text commenting, image stamps, and more. Compare two different versions of a Word document to easily see what’s changed, and automatically or manually redact sensitive information from documents before sharing

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Using our Content Conversion Service REST API, easily convert over 50 different document and image formats to common output formats like PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or SVG for fast, quality in-browser viewing. In addition, PrizmDoc Cloud includes true native rendering of Microsoft Office files to meet compliance requirements and overcome fidelity issues. It can also be purchased as an add-on for self-hosted.

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With PrizmDoc Editor, you can enable your users to automate the generation of transactional documents, standardize their workflows, and ditch the copy/paste for good. Through a client-side JavaScript API, you can make it easy for your users to identify and assemble sections of pre-existing text from templates into new, editable content, reducing time and improving quality.

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Multiple Deployment Options to Fit Your Specific Needs



“I’m just getting started and want to test-drive your solutions for my company’s use cases.”

Solution: Connect to a fully managed backend on Accusoft’s public cloud.


Private Cloud-Hosted

“The public cloud exceeds my risk tolerance but I still need the scalability modern apps demand.”

Solution: Connect to a fully managed backend on Accusoft’s private cloud.



“I need my data to remain internal and require more control over server configuration options.”

Solution: Host the PrizmDoc server on your own infrastructure.

Enablement Services

Need help planning and managing your PrizmDoc Suite integration? We’re here to help. Learn more about our enablement services and work closely with Accusoft experts to experience a seamless implementation.

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PrizmDoc Viewer

A customizable document viewer with robust backend functionalities to deliver seamless web and mobile viewing experiences to your users.

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PrizmDoc Editor

A web-enabled document editor to deliver in-browser document creation, editing, and collaboration functionality to your users.

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PrizmDoc Cells

A web-based spreadsheet viewer and editor designed to natively support XLSX files and easily integrate into your existing application or system solution.

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