Accusoft’s JPEG Wizard Now Helps Dropbox Users Save Space


Online service shrinks photo file sizes without degrading image quality

TAMPA, Fla. - April 17, 2013 - Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announces enhancements to its JPEG Wizard photo file reduction service, including integration with the popular Dropbox cloud-based file storage service.

Users of will now find a Dropbox button that links the service to their Dropbox account and creates a new folder for their reduced-size photo files. Users can copy or move as many files as they wish into that folder and then return to JPEG Wizard to create, in a few simple steps, copies with dramatically smaller file sizes - up to 60% smaller than the original file. Thanks to another new feature - a Compare tool - users can confirm that the smaller versions look every bit as sharp and clear as the original file, even when they zoom in close or print. They can then delete the larger original files and reclaim up to 60% of the Dropbox space their JPEG photo files occupied. JPEG Wizard displays a report showing the user exactly how much smaller each reduced file is than the original.

Accusoft provides the JPEG Wizard service without charge, enabling users to process as many files as they wish in a 24-hour period following signup, and to return for as many subsequent 24-hour windows as they wish. The service enables users to prioritize file size over quality, or vice-versa, with a choice of three settings: A “Better Quality” setting delivers a smaller file than the original with no perceptible difference in quality, while the “Smaller Size” setting produces the smallest file size and an image that’s still identical if not blown up too big - perfect for photos intended for posting on Facebook or publishing in a web page. A “Balanced” setting hits a sweet spot between file size and image quality - and is the recommended setting for new users.

JPEG Wizard is based on the same advanced photo-reduction technology as Accusoft’s ThinPic app for iOS and Android devices. ThinPic shrinks photo files on mobile devices, to make room for more.

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