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ImageGear PDF enables developers to add comprehensive PDF functionality into their applications.

Integrate an advanced PDF SDK into your application.

With ImageGear PDF, you can add annotation, conversion, compression, and PDF manipulation capabilities to your application. Integrate the ability to merge, insert or remove pages, reorder pages, and more.

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No matter where the document originates, our PDF SDK allows developers to add conversion functionality from a myriad of different file types to PDF or vice versa, depending on the end-user’s need.


Improve the overall size of saved PDF documents by reducing or removing data structures in a PDF document. Compress original PDF files by up to 45 percent, saving valuable space in your storage. ImageGear PDF analyzes the elements to apply optimal compression operations.

PDF Manipulation

Give your application the ability to process PDF documents to meet users’ needs: 

  • Merge multiple PDFs.
  • Split a PDF into multiple PDFs.
  • Rearrange pages within a PDF. 
  • Add pages or remove pages on a PDF.
PDF Manipulation


ImageGear PDF enables users to add annotations to PDF documents. These added annotations are useful for defining vector objects across multiple pages of a document or other non-interactive applications. ImageGear PDF also provides a WinForms tool that can be used to add annotation and redlining to other parts of your application.

PDF Security

Secure your PDF documents with encryption and password access.  ImageGear PDF allows developers to:

  • Set or change the PDF document’s access permissions.
  • Set or change the encryption used and decide what gets encrypted.
  • Set or change the content that gets encrypted or not.
  • Set, change, or remove the secure PDF document’s password.
PDF Security

PDF Signature

Developers can add binding digital signatures to PDF documents, allowing users to detect unauthorized changes to a document. The types of digital signature allowed in ImageGear PDF are:

  • Approval Signatures: These mark the integrity of the document at the time of signing and authenticate the signer. This signature marks the current state of the document for future verification.
  • Certification Signatures: These are added to a document to protect the integrity of a document after its first creation, as well as the authenticity of the signer. ImageGear PDF can validate these signatures.
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PDF Compare

ImageGear PDF gives end-users of your application the capability to compare text and image contents of two documents, saving a new document with the changes highlighted as markup.

PDF Forms

Give your application the ability to read and extract data, add form fields to an existing form, and fill out form fields with known values. Forms can be flattened and exported by users into a static text document.

ImageGear PDF Development Environments

See Developer Resources for details.

Development Environment
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David Hilsabeck Senior Software Engineer I

David Hilsabeck started with TMS, Inc. in 1989 after receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Cameron University and spending two years in the defense industry. Within TMS, David worked on the company’s text retrieval and imaging products, such as Prizm Viewer. In 2004, TMS was acquired by Pegasus Imaging, and the two company’s product lines were merged. Since that time and through the transition from Pegasus Imaging to Accusoft, David has worked with and contributed to Accusoft’s imaging SDK product line. Outside work, David enjoys building large pyrotechnic devices, and is an active member of the Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild.

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Enhance your application with PDF compression. ImageGear PDF enables compression of original PDF files up to 45 percent, saving your application valuable space. Our PDF SDK analyzes the elements to apply optimal compression operations for a better end result.

What’s New in ImageGear PDF v25.1

  • Split installation packages into separate versions for x86 and x64 to reduce the size of the download.
  • Added a FontAttribute property to the ImGearOCRLetter class, which provides style information about the recognized character.
  • Added CapitalLetterHeight and FontSize attributes to the ImGearOCRLetter class to provide more detailed information about text size and positioning.
  • The ImGearOCRPage.CreatePDFPage method now attempts to reproduce monospace, sans serif, italic, and bold text when those properties are detected on the input image.
  • When using ImGearOCRDirectTextFormat.XmlWithCoordinates, the ImGearOCR.WriteDirectText method now includes boolean “italic” and/or “bold” attributes on word elements detected as being italic or bold, as well as “fontSize” and “baseLine” attributes for each word.

ImageGear PDF Development Environments

  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8.1, 10; Windows Server 2012 (and R2), 2016, and 2019
  • Visual Studio 2015, 2017, and 2019 
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or later (some components require higher versions – see the help files for details) 
  • Samples for C# and VB.NET
  • NuGet packages available (Accusoft.ImageGear.All)
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