ImageGear Features: Image Processing

ImageGear has a variety of features and functionalities for all of our platforms. See what options are available in your preferred platform.

Image Processing

Now you can give your applications the power of an image processing SDK to perform a broad range of image cleanup, correction, and transformation functions using a single library. ImageGear’s easy-to-use features provides image processing actions that include:

  • Hole Punch Removal
  • Line Removal
  • Dotted Line Removal
  • Clean Borders
  • Negate
  • Auto-Crop
  • Image Dilation
  • Erosion
  • Image Maintenance includes cropping, resizing, thumbnail creation, encryption, and decryption.
  • Mathematical Morphology includes edge detection, noise removal, image enhancement, image segmentation, opening, closing, and more.
  • Image Transformation rotates the file.
  • Image Correction acts as a tool to despeckle and deskew the file.


Image Comression