Raster Formats

  • Easily convert to and from raster image formats such as TIFF, JPEG, and image-based PDF.
  • Quickly convert various images into one standard format for consistent viewing.
  • Build applications to convert to and from bitmap images with various bit depths, palettes, compression, and encoding options.
  • Perform a variety of image processing operations on images once.

Vector Formats

This feature enables an app to read, render, and write vector files such as PDF, SVG, and XPS in their native formats.

  • Read and write vector images.
  • Render vector images to raster images.
  • Read and write in the SVG file format.

Document File Formats

ImageGear document file format support gives you the ability to convert document files into other formats, render them to images or extract text for search purposes.

  • Read and write metadata without decoding or re-compressing an image.
  • Work with a wide variety of file formats across bit depths.
  • Create batch conversion processes and eliminate compatibility issues.
  • Access all pages of any multi-page file.

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