ImageGear Features: Document File Formats

Learn more about the features and functionalities that ImageGear has to offer.

Document File Formats

ImageGear is a document imaging SDK that supports a wealth of file formats.

Developers have the ability to load and save image, graphic, and document formats within their applications. Nimble enough to meet a wide variety of use cases, the SDK handles file formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, raster and vector images. This document support gives you the ability to convert them into other formats, render them to image, or extract text for search purposes.

Complete Control Is in Your Hands

All formats also have robust save options for complete format control. 

  • Read and write metadata without decoding or re-compressing an image.
  • Work with a wide variety of file formats across bit depths.
  • Create batch conversion processes and eliminates compatibility issues.
  • Access all pages of any multi-page file.