ImageGear for .NET & C/C++

ImageGear has a variety of features and functionalities for all of our platforms. See what options are available in your preferred platform.

Image Processing for .NET

ImageGear for .NET easily integrates enterprise-class file viewing, annotation, conversion, and image processing functions to any application. Our library supports more than 100 formats including images, DICOM, PDF, Microsoft Office files, and more.

Image Processing for C/C++

ImageGear for C and C++ is your single source for all imaging functionality that enables you to create high-performance custom imaging applications. ImageGear for C and C++ is an image processing SDK, providing hundreds of imaging functions for the world’s leading software developers.

Which ImageGear Is Right for You?

Need a quick reference of which ImageGear features and capabilities are available for your application? We’ve got you covered. Our platform overview compares the options supported for .NET and C/C++ development environments.