MICR, or magnetic ink character recognition, is a character recognition technology used mainly by the banking industry to facilitate the processing and clearance of checks. The MICR line is located at the bottom of a check and typically includes the document type indicator, bank code, bank account number, check number and the amount, plus some control indicator. By integrating a MICR SDK, your application can easily read MICR code content from any scanned image. The SDK enables zone definition, recognition, image cleanup, advanced binarization, and return of confidence values.

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why should you use MICR Xpress, a MICR sdk?

Accusoft’s MICR technology is a robust solution allowing developers to recognize MICR E-13B characters in images, recognize the 14 ISO-standard MICR E-13B font characters, and decode the MICR content found on checks and other documents.

  • Configure a zone of the image to search for MICR content
  • Parse MICR lines into fields
  • Parse MICR text into fields defined by ASC X9, Inc.
confidence values for each character and field
  • Return alternate characters with confidence values
  • Support configurable minimum acceptable confidence
  • Support configurable rejection character
versatile capabilities
  • Supports black and white, grayscale, or color images
  • Deskews, despeckles, crops borders, and rotates
  • Create applications for .NET or ActiveX